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Black roll-down saddlebag that looks as good on your bike as it will in your hand, held by its full grain leather handle. The patriot is inspired by the 2nd world war motorcycle saddlebags. Crafted using our thick 22oz water repellent canvas and full-grain leather, the Patriot will age well and stay strong.

This saddlebag is ideal for longer journeys as it offers a huge packing space.
The Patriot comes with its autonomous Saddleback mounting system. Designed for classic, retro and scrambler bikes.

Our durable waxed cotton is water repellent and offers a good level of protection against the rain. If you think you might come across heavy rain on your journey, you can also line the Patriot with a 100% waterproof bag liner.

To carry your Patriot on the shoulder, you can adapt your own shoulder belt. We also have a matching one here.