• BACK IN STOCK 5th MAY 2024

    Forest green backpack handcrafted from rugged waxed-canvas by British Millerain, and trimmed with thick vegetable-tanned leather. This unique backpack is the brainchild of both Ruitertassen and Longride. It combines authentic materials and weatherproof capabilities, ready to embrace the unknown.
    Thoughtfully designed with functional pockets that will make a difference on your journey, such as a handy back pocket that you can reach while wearing the Pathfinder.
    Your backpack is entirely lined with beautiful royal blue coloured, water-repellent nylon canvas and fitted with weather-proof YKK zippers. For maximum comfort while riding, you'll find a length + height-adjustable chest strap that is super easy to take off, and the back straps are padded and ergonomically spaced out.

Built for tough conditions.

Designed for tech + travelling gear.
Superior weatherproof capabilities.
Pockets to help you stay organised.



Pack what you need, zip the opening, and roll it down to tighten the front buckles at the adequate length.
Once on your back, secure the chest buckle for a comfortable ride. You can tighten it, or adjust its height by pulling on the velcro tabs and moving the male sections up or down. To remove the chest strap, pull on the buttons.
You can secure a water bottle or any other accessories in the exterior side pocket. Use the vertical, or horizontal strap, or both, depending on what you're carrying. This will prevent your gear from falling should your backpack be thrown upside down.
Roll up the top to reveal a strong D ring onto which you can hook various accessories (portable battery, keys etc)



+ The Pathfinder is rugged enough to stand up to most weather conditions as it is.
+ Use the Longide wax to care for your backpack. This wax can be used to maintain both your bag's waxed canvas, and the leather.
+ If you love the Pathfinder, you will dig the Overland collection from Ruitertassen - The Lapwing mini wallet works particularly great with the Pathfinder.