terms of the deal

Of course. The easiest route is to return your order, then purchase your new gear. Contact us to organise your return.
For your convenience, we have 2 return offices. You will be able to choose to send your parcel either to Belgium, or the USA.

Try your purchase in the comfort of you own home (or garage) and let us know straightaway if you'd like something different, or a refund. You have 2 full weeks to decide. The products must be as new, in their dust bags with labels on.
Please note that shipping costs are non-refundable, and that you are responsible for shipping back your order.

For your convenience, we have 2 return offices. You will be able to choose to send your return either to Belgium, or the USA.


+ USA: You won't be subject to any taxes as long as the total value of a single order is below $800. Above that threshold, import fees are to be expected. On the bright side, this might encourage you to purchase your gear in successive orders to make sure everything works the way you want it to.

+ Canada: you will likely be subject to import fees, and the exact amount will depend on several factors, including your province. More details can be found on the official CBSA website.

+ Europe: you will not be subject to import fees as your order will ship from Belgium, Europe.

+ Rest of the world: please refer to your previous experiences shopping online, knowing that your order will ship from Europe.

+ United Kingdom: Since Brexit, import fees are to expect unfortunately.

We ship orders within 24 to 72h depending on volumes. Delivery options and costs depend on your location. But we generally have 2 options and the delivery speed depends on the service you choose.

+ Standard delivery with the national postal services for your country (USPS, Canada Post etc): you will receive your purchase within 8 to 18 business days.

+ DHL Express delivery: you will receive your purchase within 3 to 6 business days. Always choose this option if you're in a hurry.

+ For standard deliveries (free option in most cases) we use the main postal services for your country. USPS for the USA, Canada Post for Canada etc.

+ For express deliveries we use DHL International. This option is sometimes offered for free depending on the amount of your order.

We will prepare and ship your order ourselves, from Belgium.

Yes, but the level of updates depends on the carrier.
Once your order ships, you'll receive a notification with a tracking number.

+ If your order ships with DHL Express. You will be able to track every step, require to be notified for particular events, and receive a precise ETA.

+ If you order ships with the standard national shipping services, you will know when the parcels leaves our country. Then you won't be able to get any further details until the customs from your country release the parcel for final delivery.

If your order shipped with the standard delivery, please allow at least 15 working days before worrying.
If the parcel appears to be lost, let us know that you are still waiting. We will ask you to fill in a declaration so we can open an enquiry. From there, we can either refund your order, or ship another parcel with a different service.

Please note that whichever shipping method we use, you will always be covered by us.

Yes, we ship worldwide.


We currently have dedicated systems for:

+ Triumph
+ Moto Guzzi
+ Ducati
+ Harley Davidson
+ Honda
+ Hyosung
+ Kawasaki
+ Susuki
+ Yamaha

If your brand isn't in the list, it is still certainly possible to adapt our universal mounting systems. Please explore the journal and read our guides.
It should help you find the right system and equipment for your motorcycle.
If ever in doubt, contact us by email.


We are a leather craft company, and our expertise is in designing and making hard-wearing bags for professionals. We are the only company to dedicate such expertise to the crafting of motorcycle luggage.


We use materials with a level of quality you don't come across often, let alone in the motorcycle accessories world.

We only use European 100% vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather. And our thick waxed-cotton canvas is prepared either in France or the United Kingdom. This makes the Longride bags unique with no direct competition.


We make our own designs, and mounting systems. Longride provides new and unique solutions for motorcycles, particularly the classic, cafe racer, and vintage ones we love.


Unless stated otherwise, the Longride soft saddlebags are sold individually. Offers are available from the product pages to order a set of 2 saddlebags at a discount.
The classic panniers are always sold in pair.

Please note that the saddlebag holders (otherwise known as spacer) are always sold in pairs, so you only need to buy one set.

+ Making a bag from scratch: We don't do individual orders. However, we might take your idea and turn it into an actual Longride bag. So if something's missing from our catalogue that you wish existed, just let us know.

+ Customising a bag: We try not to as it is time-consuming, but we love our customers so much that sometimes, we find it hard to say no. Depending on our current work situation, we might say yes for little customisations if the order makes sense. Just don't be offended if we decline, which is what will most likely happen.

Longride started in 2010 under the brand K-DRIVE. Back then we were focused on the rigid black panniers made from leather and IPAREX (synthetic leather). Almost all of the designs from the K-DRIVE era are still available to order from us. Our bags are now branded under Longride, but they are of the exact same quality you've learn to appreciate through K-DRIVE.

Yes. We even have a photo.
Look below, it's your future.