We have created 3 distinct mounting systems for the Longride saddlebags.
They are designed for 'modern retro', and classic motorcycles. Some saddlebags are available in more than one mounting system, which gives you more options. It's a good idea to look at the mounting systems first, see which one might work the best for you, then look at the saddlebags available with this particular system.

Let's kickstart with a short video. You'll see all three systems back to back.
Then, you can choose to learn more about each individual system.


The first quick-release system that you can tailor fit to your bike.
Cut from high-quality leather, fitted with German-made locks.
You can take your saddlebag everywhere with you, or you can lock it to your bike easily.
The saddlebags fitted with the LOXX system have the two-letters code LX in their names.


An innovative, autonomous system fully integrated to your saddlebag. The first height-adjustable design.
Great as a set to use your saddlebags as throw-overs.

The saddlebags fitted with the Saddleback system have the two-letters code SB in their names.


The fastest mounting system of all. It comes with the solid Sidekick claw to fit yourself so your bag sits exactly where you want it to be.
Ultra secure and easy to use. You can even lock your bags to your bike with a key. This is also the only system that let's you choose to mount your bag at an angle so you can either follow the seat, or the exhaust's angle.

The saddlebags fitted with the Sidekick system have the two-letters code SK in their names.

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