• Black saddlebag spacer rails made to fit the Classics Triumph Bikes from 2016 onwards.
    Our spacers are manufactured from strong, durable steel. Thinner and more discreet than the official Triumph version, they work better with custom bikes.

    The top end fits behind the shock mounting bolt so your spacer blends in seamlessly with your motorcycle.
    All our saddlebag mounting systems work perfectly on these spacers. They are also compliant with the klickfix system.

    Compatible with most Classic Triumphs from 2016. The two small rectangular extenders allow you to mount your spacers on the Thruxton, and pre 2016 Bonneville.
    Read below for more details about compatibility and installation.


The most versatile spacer rails around.

Compatible with all the Longride mounting systems.
Fully compliant with the klickfix system.
More discreet than the Triumph ones.



Please watch this video to see the process.
The two anchor points for your spacer rail are: the top rear suspension, and the rear footpeg.
Remove the rear suspension unit top fixing screw and washer. Retain the washer for reuse. Install the spacer rail aligning the top fixing position with the rear suspension unit top mounting. Fit one of the M8 bolts from the kit and the original washer to hold the rail in position. Do not fully tighten the fixing at this stage.

Remove the rear footpeg lock nut. Holding the rear footpeg mounting bracket and fixings in position, fit the spacer rail onto the screw. Secure with a lock nut from the kit. Tighten the fixings.

For the Thruxton, you should find that the spacer rails are too short. Use to extenders to prolongate your spacer rails.



+ Compatible with the Bonneville T100, T120, Scrambler, Street Twin, Speed Twin, Street Cup from 2016 to 2021.
+ Compatible with the Thruxton from 2016 onwards and the pre 2016 Bonneville when you fit the extenders.
+ They don't work with the Scrambler 1200 XC or Triple speed.