Sidekick is an innovative mounting system designed by Longride.
Hooking your saddlebag onto your machine takes 2 seconds. And it's just as fast to take it off.
Thanks to their rigid rigid back, they'll maintain their shape forever. Unique feature: you can choose to align your bag to the seat, or the exhaust pipe. It can be an aesthetic choice or a necessity to maintain a healthy distance between your bag and the hot pipes.

+ The bag retains its shape.
+Safe installation on bracket.
+ Fastest quick-release system.
+ Key lockable to your machine.


Wait until you hear that deeply satisfying click. All it takes is a gentle push down. Sidekick is secure because it keeps your saddlebag away from all moving parts.
It's the fastest system available; and it looks great.
Plus you get the best of both worlds, a soft saddlebag with a rigid backside.


You will need a Sidekick compatible saddlebag holder.
Thankfully, we have an ever-growing collection of supported brands and models. Triumph, Harley, Moto Guzzi...
Check out our saddlebag holders section to find if your motorcycle is currently supported.


Your saddlebag comes with a solid clamp constructed from high-quality nylon, and reinforced with glass fibre, otherwise known as "the claw". You can either get it pre-installed on your bag, or you can install it yourself. Why? Because the position of the claw will affect the final position of your saddlebag on the motorcycle.

By allowing you to install the claw yourself, at home, we offer you the freedom to choose the exact position of your luggage. It allows you to adjust the angle of your bags to align with your exhaust. This adjustment sometimes help you maintain a healthy gap between your saddlebags and your exhaust pipes.
The process only requires ordinary tools. The video below will guide you through the steps (also available on Youtube).

Cool tip: all the saddlebags fitted with this system have the two-letters code SK in their names.