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what sets the saddleback system apart:

1. Perfect if you have more than one bike. Each saddleback bag is 100% autonomous. This means that you can unmount your bag from motorcycle A and install it on motorcycle B without the need for any external device.

2. No tools required. All you need is your pair of hands and maybe your saddle key as you might need to lift it.

3. Height adjustable. Saddleback allows you to choose how high the bag will sit on your side. You can make a choice based on how it looks, but more importantly, it allows you to keep it away from an exhaust pipe that might be below the bag.



From the top, each strap goes through a piece of leather with 4 slots. 
When using the lower slots (first position on the left), the bag sits higher on the motorbike.
If you use the top slots (third position on the right), the bag will hang lower.
The middle slots allow an intermediate position.

To install the bag, unlock the straps buckles so you can wrap them around your bike's preferred tube (under the seat, grab rail tube, luggage rack tube...). Slide the strap through the slot immediately below, pull and lock the buckle again. If the straps feel too long, you can shorten them with a pair of scissors. Cut diagonally so you end up with a pointy end that will be easy to get through the slots.

Finally, you should secure the bag against your motorbike using the central harness that wraps around another tube (ideally the bottom tube of your spacer or luggage rack). If you can't use the harness, simply knot the bag to the motorbike using the nylon cords provided or zip ties. You will find leather loops designed for that, hidden behind the straps buckles at the bottom of the bag.
This ensures that your bag won't lift with the wind at higher speed.

That's all you need to do. You're ready to hit the road.