• The Holster is the best motorcycle bag to keep your essentials close. Wear it on the leg, at the waist, on your back or across the chest thanks to its sliding strap. What makes it the best leg bag: it will be convertible to a tank bag. We are currently developing the tank mount that'll be available soon.

    The Holster bag is cut from our best materials. With full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather and thick waxed-canvas, it's guaranteed to last for thousands of miles. Even the German-made fastening buckle inspires confidence.


Keep your essential close.

Keep you essentials at hand whatever the circumstances.
Built for the long haul and to endure all types of weathers.
Perfect for field notes, wallet, gloves and small accessories.



You'll find a top strap - for the upper part of your body - and a lower strap for your leg.
To wear the Holster on the upper part of your body, pull on the LOXX buttons to unfasten the lower strap. Adjust the top strap to obtain the desired length, so it fits across the chest, on your back, or at the waist.

To secure it on the leg, wear it on your waist. Keep the lower strap separate, get your leg through the strap and tighten to the right length. Push the LOXX buttons onto their respective pins. Fasten the one on the inside of the leg first.



The tank mount allows you to turn your Holster bag into a tank bag.
Once fitted, it's really easy to attach the Holster, or to take it off the bike thanks to the LOXX buttons.
It will be available soon.
Maintain your Holster with the Longride special wax.