• Don’t let rainstorms spoil your journey and protect the content of your luggage with our tough inner waterproof pack liners.
    Made from durable coated nylon, our bag liner’s hems are doubly sealed to ensure that your gear will remain dry.

    Place the waterproof bag liner inside your motorcycle luggage to make your bags 100% waterproof then place your belongings inside the pack liner, pull on the cord to close the pack liner, fold or roll the top of the bag liner on itself, and finally, close your luggage.


Safeguard your cargo against rain infiltrations.

Slip the waterproof bag liner inside your Longride luggage.
Once secured, it won't let a single drop in.
Quick to put in and out of your luggage.



You will find velcro supports in the Longride saddlebags, backpacks and tail bags. Slip the waterproof bag liner into your Longride bag and connect the velcro mounts together.
Stow your sensitive gear in this waterproof liner, tighten the opening and fold it down to protect your cargo. If you wish, you can keep other less sensitive things outside of it, in your Longride bag.



+ Choose the size S to go with all Mini Patriot bags, Gunner and Lonewolf backpacks.
+ Choose the size M to go with your Racer, Super Patriot, Small Traveler, Wolfpack and Faithful backpacks.
+ Choose the size L to go with your large Traveler duffle bag.