Note: Due to the nature of this service involving product alteration, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for orders placed.

If you want us to pre-install the Sidekick claw onto your Longride saddlebag(s), you can purchase this add-on. We understand that you may be wondering whether to install it yourself or let us do it for you. Check out this video and this video, which both demonstrate the process, to help you decide.

This service is particularly beneficial for the Mini Patriot because the position of the claw cannot be selected on this bag. However, on the Racer, Super Patriot and most hard-shelled panniers, it's worth considering installing the claw yourself so that you can choose its exact position and angle, which will impact the position of the bag on your motorcycle.

If you still prefer to have us install the claw on a large saddlebag or pannier, we will install it straight and at the center of the bag by default.