• Sold as a pair,introducing our custom-made chrome saddlebag holders designed for the 2021+ Triumph Speedmaster. Crafted from durable steel, these sleek spacers keep your saddlebags secure and positioned opposite the rear wheel, so you can ride comfortably with a passenger. They also feature a  close-to-frame positioning when installed.

    Tested with stock exhausts, our saddlebag holders fit a range of sizes - from practical Mini Patriots to more spacious panniers, making them ideal for any adventure. Plus, they're compatible with a variety of mounting systems, including Saddleback and Sidekick, giving you the freedom to personalize your ride.

    Unleash your Triumph Speedmaster's true potential and fulfill its destiny as a premier cruising machine.

Unleash your Speedmaster potential.

Positioned for rider & passenger comfort.
Versatile mounting compatibility.
Close-to-frame positioning.



Get your saddlebag holders installed quickly and easily by following these simple steps. First, locate the two bolts on the lower end of the rear fender, just below the grab rail, as shown in this photo.

Next, install the saddlebag holders securely on these bolts, ensuring they are properly aligned and tightened.

With no heavy modifications required, this installation can be done on your own, provided you consult your motorcycle manual beforehand. However, if you have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to seek assistance from your local garage. Your Speedmaster will be adventure-ready in no time.



+ Compatible with the Triumph Speedmaster from 2021 onwards.
+ Tested with all our soft saddlebags and hard-shelled panniers.
+ Ideal for 2 saddlebag mounting options: the propriatery Sidekick system, or the universal Saddleback system.