• Custom-made single black steel saddlebag holder for your Triumph Scrambler 1200. Designed to sit close to your motorcycle frame with the perfect amount of clearance away from moving parts. Installation is a breeze - simply lift the seat to access the subframe.
    The spacer's sleek design not only makes it easy to put your saddlebag on and off, but also adds to the "adventure ready" vibe of your Scrambler, even with no saddlebag is on.

    Fully compatible with our quick-release Sidekick system and autonomous Saddleback mounting system. Upgrade your Scrambler's storage capabilities and elevate its look with a Longride waxed-cotton saddlebag.
    The product pictures are a 3D model but representative of the final product. We will update those with actual photos as soon as possible.

Pack up and hit the road.

Elevate the look of your Scrambler 1200.
Secure. Stealthy. Functional.
Easy installation.



  1. Begin by lifting the seat of your motorcycle to access the two anchor points that will be used to secure your saddlebag holder.
  2. Remove the large plastic cover that is held in place by three bolts, revealing the subframe underneath.
  3. Locate the bolts that secure the grab rail handle on the left side of the subframe. Carefully remove these bolts.
  4. Align the saddlebag bracket on top of the grab rail frame and secure it in place using the supplied bolts, replacing the original bolts.
  5. Leave the original bolts on the right side of the subframe as they are.
  6. Carefully place the plastic cover back on the subframe, ensuring that it is properly aligned and secured with the original bolts.

It's important to note that you should consult your motorcycle's owner manual before starting any installation and use the appropriate tools and safety measures.



+ Compatible with the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC / XE.
+ Left side only (exhaust free side).
+ Tested from the 2019 Scrambler 1200 onwards (we will keep this section updated as more tests occur).
+ Compatible with all the Longride soft saddlebags.