• Set of 2 hard-shelled leather panniers. The Classic 42 are wrapped in high-quality black leather, finished for maximum durability. Oiled on the outside, and sealed from the inside to block humidity.
    This set of large hard panniers is made to elevate the authentic look of your classic motorcycle. The hard shell construction means your Classic 42 will always retain their original shape.
    The set includes a pair of Sidekick claws to install yourself at the back of the panniers. Since this system allows you to quickly take your bags off the bike, we have fitted them with a top handle to carry them around easily.
    We have designed the flap to reduce rain infiltrations risks with lateral ears secured by strong velcro bands. The flap closes down with two sturdy buckles.
    Add 42 litres of stylish cargo capacity to your motorcycle for the rest of its life.

Engineered for durability.

Thick hard shell to stay in shape and protect your gear.
Lock your bags on their brackets with your keys.
Full-grain leather made to last.



The Classics 42 are fitted with the following mounting system: SIDEKICK.
If you don't know this original system: READ THE PRESENTATION PAGE.

You need a compatible saddlebag holder - check our dedicated section to see if your motorcycle is currently supported.
What sets it apart : SIDEKICK is the fastest and most secure motorcycle mounting system.
Note that it requires some DIY on the first day to mount the claw at the back of your saddlebag.



+ Maintain your hard panniers with premium leather wax to protect them over time.
+ We have tested the Classic 42 on a variety of motorcycles: Yamaha Bolt, Honda Rebel, Triumph America, Speedmaster, Thunderbird, Harley Softail, Dyna and Sportster.