• Set of two black saddlebag holders made for the Honda Rebel motorcycle.
    We manufacture our spacers from strong and durable steel. They are 100% compatible with our Sidekick system - and the Klickfix standard. If you choose Saddlebags fitted with the Sidekick system, you will be able to lock them onto these spacers, or take them off quickly.

    The Honda Rebel spacers can also be used for individually mounted Saddleback bags.
    You don't need to modify your Honda Rebel to install our spacers on the rear fender.


Compatible with all the Longride mounting systems.
Fully compliant with the Klickfix standard.
Designed to blend with the Rebel.



Install your Honda rebel saddlebag holders on the lower end of the rear fender. You will find two bolts aligned in a straight line. To make sure our brackets are compatible with your Honda, measure the center-to-center distance between these two bolts. It should be approx. 190 mm.

You will find in your kit longer bolts to replace the stock ones, and spacer tubes if you need greater clearance from your motorcycle. You will find even longer bolts should you need them.
Since the installation does not require heavy modification to the Honda Rebel, many customers undertake the installation on their own. However don't hesitate to ask your local garage for help should you have any doubt.



+ Compatible with the Honda Rebel CMX from 2017 up.
+ We recommend vintage saddlebags or hard panniers fitted with the Sidekick system.
+ The Honda Rebel works well with the Mini Patriot SK (see an example), Super Patriot SK, Racer SK and hard panniers such as the Classic 34s or Classic 42s.
+ Please note: if you have changed the stock exhausts for higher versions, this might prevent you from fitting large saddlebags.