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  • Medium sized motorcycle duffel bag for your back seat or luggage rack.
    Designed for Classic, Cafe Racer and Scrambler bikes. This tail bag is a reliable companion for all journeys. We designed a new U-shaped opening based on your feedback. It's now easier than ever to stow and access your traveling gear.

    Our unique French made waxed canvas is tough but supple enough to allow you to fit it comfortably on your seat or universal luggage rack.
    Water repellent, this duffel will easily stand rain in most cases thanks to its YKK waterproof zipper. To make your tail bag 100% waterproof, combine it with a Longride bag liner to safeguard your sensitive gear.

    The leather trims are made of vegetable-tanned leather that will develop an authentic patina through time and use.

    The Mini Traveler comes with a long removable and adjustable shoulder strap + two of our heavy duty elastic mounting straps.


Get ready for the long ride.

Perfect match for vintage, cafe racer, and scrambler bikes.
Carry it like a traditional bag with the shoulder strap.
Built to endure all weathers.



You can install the Mini Traveler on your back seat, or a luggage rack. Although there are many variants, the fundamentals are the same: we need anchor points on the bag, and on the motorcycle, so we can secure the bag with 2 straps minimum.
On the bag, you will find leather loops to get straps through on each side. The straps are fitted with carabiners, so you need to be able to attach those to your bike. This is where you have several options depending on your motorcycle.
If you also have saddlebags, you could attach the straps to the D-rings on the saddlebags, as shown on this video.
Otherwise, elements from your frame may be suitable. Such areas must be less than 7.5mm thick, yet stable and strong.
Finally, maybe the easiest way forward is to create anchor points with our tube rings. You can fit them anywhere on your frame, passenger rail etc.
For maximum flexibility, you can install 2 rings on each side of your bike for each end of a strap.
Or you can have just one ring per side, and connect both ends of a strap on the same ring.



+ The Mini Traveler is great at safeguarding your cargo from the rain. But if you are carrying sensitive gear on long journeys, you can make your tail bag 100% waterproof. Add the waterproof liner - size M.
+ To install the Mini Traveler, create convenient anchor points on your motorcycle frame with our heavy-duty tube rings.
+ Use the Longide wax to care for your mini Traveler. This wax can be used to maintain both your bag's canvas, and leather.