• Set of two sleek saddlebag holders custom made for the Harley Davidson STREET 750 & 500. Check out the DETAILS tab for compatibility.
    We manufacture these black brackets from strong, durable steel. They are fully compatible with the quick-release Sidekick system - Klickfix standard.
    If you choose saddlebags fitted with the Sidekick system, you will be able to lock your bags onto these saddlebag holders, and take them off very easily.
    You can also use these Harley STREET brackets as spacers for regular throw-over soft saddlebags.

    Installation is straightforward: simply attach them to the rear fender using the two bolts designed for mounting accessories. If you need to distance them further away from your motorcycle, insert the spacing tubes in combination with the longer bolts.

    Upgrade your Harley's Street storage capacity while elevating its classic aesthetics. Our Harley Street saddlebag mounts are sold as a pair.