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  • Black saddlebag holder custom-designed for the Honda CL500 (also compatible with the CL300). Our frames are manufactured from strong and durable steel. They are 100% compatible with our quick-release Sidekick system and the Klickfix standard. If you choose a saddlebag fitted with the Sidekick system, you will be able to lock it onto this frame or take it off quickly.

    You can, of course, mount any saddlebag with a universal mounting system on this stable frame. No modifications to your Honda CL500 are needed to install the saddlebag holder; simply use the two bolts located on the rear fender.


Compatible with all the Longride mounting systems.
Blends in perfectly with the CL500/300.
Easy to install.



Install your Honda CL500/300 saddlebag holder on the rear fender on the exhaust-free side. You will find two bolts there, purposefully integrated by Honda for mounting extra accessories. We don't offer a saddlebag holder for the exhaust side at Longride, as we believe it would bring your luggage too far out and pose a potential hazard.

In your kit, you will find two black short tubes. Their use is optional and depends on the saddlebag and its mounting system. If you need extra clearance, use the tubes along with the longer bolts to space your saddlebag away from the motorcycle frame. If your saddlebag allows for a close fit, you can leave the tubes aside and use the short bolts.

Since the installation does not require any modification to your Honda CL500, many customers handle it themselves. Always consult your manual first, as it contains a section about accessory installation. Don't hesitate to ask your local garage for help if you have any doubts.




+ Compatible with the Honda CL500 and CL300 from 2023 up.
+ We took photos of 3 of our best-selling saddlebags on the Honda CL500 to help you choose a saddlebag for your motorcycle.