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  • Set of two universal black pannier mounts for cruiser /Harley types of motorcycles. Looking to add saddlebags to your bike but can't find compatible mounts? Our universal pannier mounts might be the perfect solution.

    Here's the idea: on the rear motorcycle framework, you often find a set of two or more parallel  bolts. These can be used to secure a sissy bar, luggage rack etc. Measure the distance between the two bolts onto which you'll fix the pannier mounts, and purchase the corresponding size. The short rack covers 6.3" to 9.8" gaps while the long one extends from 9.8" to 13.4". Several pre-drilled holes along the rack allow you to cover the distance you need and bolt onto your motorcycle framework.

    The universal pannier mounts are made from strong steel. Once your bags are locked onto these, they feel like they were made for your bike.
    Another great benefit is their compatibility with our popular quick-release SIDEKICK system.



It's simple, secure and works with most cruiser bikes.
Easy to space away from the bike if you need to.
Compatible with best-selling SIDEKICK system.



Examine your motorcycle rear framework, we're looking for fender struts on which 2 or more bolts might be present. These can be used to secure a rear luggage rack, sissy bag or even the blinkers (on the rear bolt). These bolts might be unused, which is ideal.
Measure the gap between the two bolts you intend to use, and purchase the short pannier mounts to cover a distance comprised between 6.3" and 9.8", or the long mounts for a 9.8" to 13.4" gap. If a bolt is occupied by an indicator light, you will need to relocate it further, which can potentially be done on the universal pannier mount itself. Ask your local garage for help if you're unsure, as each setup is unique.

In your kit your will find spacing cylinders, that you might or might not need. It is sometimes necessary to space out the mounts from the motorcycle framework if the suspension or anything else is in the way.
You will find two styles of spacing cylinders (2 different lengths). We don't supply the bolts as we don't know what length you will require.



+ You can choose any Longride bags to use alongside these mounts.
+ The best-selling quick-release SIDEKICK system is fully compatible.
+ The universal mounts have been tested on BMW, VICTORY, HARLEY and KAWASAKI motorcycles.
+ Size SHORT successfully installed on BMW R18,  HONDA SHADOW PHANTOM.