Luggage on Ducati Scrambler in the mountains.


LOXX is a quick-release system that allows you to attach, or take your saddlebag off the bike in seconds.
It is designed to be customised and adapted to your motorcycle. If you have several bikes, get additional leather supports and switch you saddlebags easily.

+ Easy to take on and off the bike.
+ Padlockable to your motorcycle.
+ Universal, adaptable system.
+ Beautiful & discreet leather support.


The LOXX saddlebags are comprised of 2 elements. The saddlebag, and the leather flap support to fit on your motorcycle. The most common method is to install the leather support below the seat, although you can come up with others ideas.

The leather can be cut to any specific shape, and extra holes can be punched to help it fit perfectly under your seat, or wherever you need.

Use the german-made LOXX buttons to attach your saddlebag to your bike in seconds.


LOXX is a new, sturdy german-made fastening system.
To attach your saddlebag, push the pins into the round buttons that are located on the leather support.
To take the saddlebag off, pull on each button.

You can also leave your saddlebag on your motorcycle, and use a padlock for extra peace of mind.

Retro saddlebag for classic motorcycles.


The LOXX saddlebags are designed for classic, cafe racer, vintage and scrambler motorcycles. This exclusive system can be adapted to any machine; in any creative way you can think of.

The classic method is to install the leather support underneath your seat. With a good pair of scissors (for leather, or metal) you can cut it so it fits exactly your frame. Sometimes, all it takes is to cut off a small bit on a side.
Align the LOXX buttons alongside the frame so you can easily attach your saddlebag once the seat is back on.
Secure the leather flap to your motorcycle's frame using cable ties.
See how this customer did it on his scrambler.
The video below shows the principle on a simple stool so you can get the idea in just 1 minute.


We tested the LOXX system a Bonneville T120. It required very little customisation to the system. Check out the installation process to get a better idea of the possibilities.

Here's another use case coming from a customer who just got started in motorcycle adventures with a small scrambler.

Today, customers enjoy their Longride LOXX saddlebags all across the world on a variety of machines. This article will help you understand how to get your motorcycle ready for saddlebags.

Cool tip: all the saddlebags fitted with this system have the two-letters code LX in their names.