Mounting a LOXX Saddlebag on a Bonneville.

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CUSTOM LOXX : The original retro mounting system.

The custom Loxx Mounting System is a unique customisable system for Retro motorcycles. It has been designed to adapt itself to your bike and the fitting process of the Loxx System is fun and instinctive.

Today, we tested our Loxx Mounting kit on a current favourite the Triumph Bonneville T120 & T100, both are fantastic bikes and great partners for our Longride bags.

TEST: Longride Custom Loxx + Triumph Bonneville T100 & T120.

Bonneville T120 black with a brown saddlebag in the desert.


The Bonneville's history begins in the Utah desert, USA, where Triumph used the fabled Bonneville Salt Flats to prove the performance and durability of its machines.
In 1956 Johnny Allen reached an incredible 342 km per hour on a Triumph equipped with a normally aspirated, production based engine!
Triumph chose to pay tribute to Allen's record and the legendary Bonneville name was born.

I'm not sure Johnny Allen would have been carrying luggage that day, but i'm sure he'd approve of the quality of these new bags from Longride.

The mounting of our bags was done on the very latest Bonneville, the T120, but most Retro Triumph bikes have very similar seat and subframe arrangement.
For example the rear subframe of the 2017 T120 is identical to that of the 2017 T100, and the mounting experience of our Loxx System on the Bonneville can also be used on the Triumph Scrambler, Street Cup and Street Twin.

Under the Bonneville's seat.

Man fitting a leather luggage support on the Bonneville motorcycle.

The structure is simple and there are few anchor points but this will not deter us. We begin by laying the leather mounting flap on the bike to see which parts of the bike protrude into the leather and prevent it from laying nice and flat.
The curve of the leather mounting flap is in the way of the subframe on both sides. We draw out the bits of leather that we want to remove, and armed with a Stanley knife, we cut into the tough leather to take out the excess until the leather flap fits nicely.

On the Bonneville's seat frame there are two rubber pads which rest on the edge of the bike's frame. With the mounting flap in place the seat will not click back into position so we decide to cut out a square of leather to allow the pad to fit through the leather flap. Alternatively, we could have removed the rubber pad, shortened it 3mm (the thickness of the leather), and replaced it on the bike.

Anchoring the Custom Loxx on the Bonneville.

Fitting the custom loxx luggage system on the Triumph bonneville.

To anchor the leather mounting flap it looks like you have three options.

Option 1. You only want one bag on the side of your bike, and you do not want to modify your bike. In this case, you can use the tube on the opposite side of the frame to where the bag will hang. Simply thread your zip ties through the holes on the very edge of the leather flap and around the bike's frame. Tighten and replace your bike's seat. The three Custom Loxx knobs hang just below your seat and are easy to access. Your Longride bags will clip onto those knobs. This option is fast and easy.

Option 2. You want one bag but you're also in for a little bike customisation. You can drill small holes into the rear fender using the flap as a template and create new anchor points. The leather mounting flap can then be attached securely to the rear fender. The zip ties will be tighter, and will offer a better hold but the rear fender will have a series of small holes in it.

Option 3. You chose to have a pair of Longride bags, one on either side. For this you need also cut the second leather flap and mount the flaps together using zip ties. Once secure, you can replace your bike's seat. The pair pull against each other to offer natural balance.

Leather luggage support fitted on Bonneville T120 black.

You can add extra holes in the leather flap where ever you want, and If you find another mounting point the idea is that you can modify the leather as you see fit. You could also put holes and zip ties closer to the Loxx knobs (so that the flap can be tied around both sides of the bike's seat frame) but we felt it was a lot easier to mount and remove the bags when the buttons were free to move a little. It was also lot easier to mount the bags with the seat off and then lock it all in place with the seat. Removal was super easy with this system.


It was interesting is to see which Longride bags could be mounted on the Bonneville T120 without the need for a spacer.


The Mini Patriot fits like a dream. The distance between the bottom of the bag and the exhaust is ample.

Bonneville T120 black fitted with brown saddlebag.


One of our favourites and perfectly fitted for the T120. With its leather handle and decent size, the Racer is a great saddlebag for weekends trips and perfect for use as an everyday work bag.

Retro saddlebag fitted on a Bonneville T120.


The curves of the Longride Pannier fitted the Bonneville T120 well. The bike looked well balanced with a pannier on both sides and the brown leather of the Bonneville's saddle matched the Longride pannier bags.

Triumph Bonneville fitted with brown pannier bag.


Man fitting black spacer on the Bonneville T120.

This is a big bag and to safely fix this bag to your motorcycle, we'd recommend a minimum of 45cm between the seat of your bike and the exhaust. There is only 41cm between the T100 and T120 Bonneville's seat and exhaust, so It looks like we will need a spacer to fix this large bag down properly.
As you can tell from the picture, our black spacer blends seamlessly with the T120, and we will be publishing an article specifically dedicated to the installation and use of our Triumph spacers soon.


  • Minimum customisation necessary. An easy and pleasant operation which will delight leather enthusiasts. 
  • Straightforward anchoring under the seat. 
  • Looks great, with and without the bag in place.

The Longride bags are a perfect fit for the T100 and T120. The Loxx system is easy to install and it can be done with little or no alteration to the bike. The Longride bags look stunning on the Bonneville, especially in brown canvas, as they respect and add to the Bonneville's Retro style.

If you have any question, send us an email.