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Anthony couldn't wait for his motorcycle license. He just had to hit the road and explore his country, France. If you were wondering if a 125 cc is suitable for long rides, it is in theory, absolutely doable. And yes, you can load your bike with saddlebags, camping equipment + a passenger!

Anthony shares some snapshots of his travels and shows how he attached his Longride luggage to his Brixton scrambler. What follows is our translation of Anthony's comments.

Travelling on a 125 cc motorcycle.

My name is Anthony, and I was born in Lyon, France. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved going on adventures and exploring new places.

Biker on Brixton scrambler 125.

I learned about touring on motorcycle through friends of mine. I instantly fell in love with the freedom and sensations that comes with long rides.

 Retro style saddlebags for scrambler bike.

I attended a motorcycle trade fair in France and decided to purchase a 125 cc scrambler from Brixton. I felt that I'd be able to ride far on this bike, and explore the countryside.

Luggage for scrambler Brixton.

Next step was finding the best saddlebags for my trips. I didn't want hard cases or any bag that wouldn't fit the retro style of my scrambler. I was looking for something authentic and sturdy. Bags I would enjoy interacting with.

Tail bag and saddlebags  on scrambler motorbike.

I spent hours scouring the web and comparing options. But when I found LONGRIDE, I immediately new that was it. It was exactly what I was looking for and I felt closer to my dream vision. After I read about the brand and had a chat with the customer service, I placed my order. Two saddlebags and a large duffle bag.

Biker travels on scrambler 125.

With these saddlebags on, my little scrambler became a head turner, and it was great to share my setup with people I'd meet.
After over 10000 km I am as thrilled as ever. I was able to bring my gear over summer and winter months. My bike blends right in the middle of the woods, it looks harmonious and I love that.

Biker travels with Brixton 125 cc scrambler.

My saddlebags are the Scout Panniers. They come with the LOXX system. It's a quick release system that works really well with Brixton.

The first step is to install spacer frames. I bought mines from a French motorcycle online store. They are essential to protect your bags from the suspension and rear wheel.

Saddlebag holder frame for Brixton 125.

Next, lift your seat to reveal the rear mudguard area. You will need to lift the seat only once to install the leather support permanently.
I have two saddlebags, so I overlaid the two leather flaps for better strength.

Installation of saddlebags with quick-release system on scrambler.

It's important to secure the leather flaps firmly to the frame.
I neatly cut the leather on one side so they perfectly fit the space available.
Then I used strong zip ties to strap down the leather to the frame above the mudguard.

Quick release system for saddlebags on scrambler motorcycle.

Put your seat back on. Your scrambler is now ready for your saddlebags thanks to the protruding leather support.

Quick-release leather system for scrambler saddlebags.

To mount your Scout Pannier, simply push the male part of the system - on the pannier side - into the female part, on the motorcycle.
After 10000km spent on the road and in the dirt, the setup didn't flinch. The bags are as strong as they are simple to use.

Mounting a retro saddlebag on a scrambler motorcycle.

Of course when you go on a several days ride, the Scout Panniers aren't enough. So I went for the matching duffle tail bag.
To secure it, I use the two straps that come with it and attach them to the panniers d-rings, and to the back, directly onto my rear luggage rack.

Strapping down a tail duffle bag on motorcycle rack.

With this setup I have all the room I need when I ride solo.

Luggage for Scrambler Brixton.