• Set of two black saddlebag holders custom made for the Royal Enfield 650 twin series - Interceptor and Continental GT.
    We manufacture these spacers in our workshop with strong and durable steel. They are 100% compatible with our Sidekick system - and the Klickfix standard. You can also mount saddlebags fitted with the Saddleback system, or use them to support LOXX saddlebags.
    If you choose Sidekick system saddlebags, you will be able to lock them onto these spacers, and take them off quickly.

    Each spacer comes with optional support brackets. Bolt them down below the passenger rail to fully lock your spacers and saddlebags into position. You will retain access to the lockable side panel on the right hand side of the motorcycle, even with a saddlebag on.


Best rails for the Longride vintage saddlebags.
Ultra stable thanks to support brackets.
Stealthy design.



Here is the full installation guide.
In summary: install your Royal Enfield saddlebag holders on the shock top bolt and on the silencer attachment bracket bolt. If you want to make sure they will work with your motorcycle, measure the center to center distance between these two mounting points; it should be about 10 inches.

Along with the rails, you will find two short support brackets. Install them between the rails and the rear end of the grab rail. You will find two bolts there to secure your brackets, simply use the existing bolts. This optional accessory will eliminate all micro movements, thus making your setup even more stable.
Since the process does not require any modification to the motorcycle, many customers undertake the installation on their own. However ask your local garage for help should you have any doubt.



+ Compatible with the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650.
+ They work with all of our mounting systems - but we recommend Sidekick for larger saddlebags.
+ If mounting a Super Patriot SK or Racer SK - set it up as high as possible, and if required, at an angle following the exhaust. This will maintain a healthy gap between exhausts and luggage. This advice is only important if you have the stock high exhausts.
+ No issues with the Mini Patriot SK, SB and LX or the Scout LX. If you have low custom exhausts, or converted your Royal Enfield to a scrambler, you can easily install any version of the Super Patriot or Racer bag.
Learn more in this guide dedicated to the Royal Enfield Twins.