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Aligned with Royal Enfield's enduring spirit.

Royal Enfield boasts a wonderful heritage. Back in the day, the Indian army commissioned these motorcycles to patrol along the borders. This utilitarian machines had descent cargo capacity and were capable on tracks.
Following that, their reputation suffered from poor manufacturing standards but Royal Enfield came a long way since then. The brand is back on track, and improves each year that passes by. Their motorcycles are once again reliable and deliver incredible value for money.

With that enduring, and utilitarian spirit in mind, we aimed at designing the best saddlebag holders for the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT650. They are sleek, yet robust and very stable. Royal Enfield attempted making saddlebag holders of their own but they are bulky and fit awkwardly on the bike.
With the Longride saddlebag holders you will also be able to pick your favourite mounting system among the options that we offer.

How to install saddlebags on your Royal Enfield twins ?

The best method to install saddlebags on your Royal Enfield is to first install pannier rails, or saddlebag holders. They are easy to install and don't require to modify your motorcycle. You will use the top shock bolt, and the silencer attachment bracket bolt. To further stabilise your luggage supports, you will find optional support brackets to fits between the grab rail and the saddlebag holders. This design guarantees a highly stable and secure support for your luggage under any conditions. You will find that our saddlebag holders blend in with the Royal Enfield well. Here is a full installation guide for the Royal Enfield Twins pannier rails.
You're almost ready to attach saddlebags to your motorcycle and take on new adventures.


Saddlebag holders for Royal Enfield 650.


Next, choose a mounting system that suits your lifestyle. The mounting system is part of the saddlebag, and only impacts the back side of any given bag.
There are 3 mounting systems to choose from. The video on this page will help you understand what differentiates each system in less than 2 minutes. Most of our soft saddlebags are available in several versions. The Mini Patriot for example exists in 3 versions, because you can choose from 3 mounting systems.

If you're after the fastest quick-release system around, go for Sidekick. if you prefer a universal, more versatile mounting system, Saddleback will be great for you. If you're a purist, or a custom motorcycle builder, you might be attracted to the unique LOXX system instead.  

Why choose Longride luggage ?

We are passionate about our mission because it reaches beyond motorcycles. If you haven't experimented it yet, you've heard about it: motorcycle road trips are therapeutic. Riding a motorcycle will provide relief, inspiration, relaxation, excitement...something you maybe didn't know you needed. Some will refocus through riding, others will change their lives for the better after a trip.
So if you're a long rider, or seek to become one, we're here to help. Our luggage is dependable and it elevates your machine. If you want to feel good and confident when using your gear. If you take pride looking at your ride, and if you don't want to see your luggage breaking down during a trip, we're here to help, and make these road trips unforgettable.
In a nutshell, we promise to do our part making your road trips the best they can be.

Testing out saddlebags on the Interceptor twins 650.

We tried our most iconic saddlebags on various Royal Enfield motorcycles.
The mounting systems that we are showcasing below are Saddleback, and Sidekick
See how it looks, and read our recommandations. When choosing saddlebags, you must factor in your exhaust pipes. With the stock exhausts, choices will be more limited because they don't leave much room for your bags.
If you have shorter custom exhausts, or have your Royal Enfield converted into a scrambler, you can opt for any saddlebag.


Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 cool vintage saddlebag.

Inspired by antique motorcycle ammo bags, the Racer is aligned with Royal Enfield's history. Above is the khaki version on a custom 650 Interceptor Scrambler, and it looks pretty darn good.
If you have a stock Interceptor 650, the Racer SK will work as well, providing you fit the bag high up, at an angle, to follow the exhausts. It's easy to do. When you receive the Racer SK, the clamp at the back isn't fitted. It is up to you to install it at home, which allows you to position your bag perfectly.

Look at the photo below. had we not inclined the bag while installing the clamp at the back, the lower right corner of the Racer bag would have been in contact with the exhaust. So create a slight angle and you're good to go. It will look awesome, but also be safe and secure.

Best vintage luggage Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

Cool pannier for Interceptor 650 Royal Enfield.

The Racer features an elasticated side pocket and a pad lock D ring to secure the main flap. Grad it by the solid leather handle and take it to the office if you need to. If you are good at Tetris, you will be surprised at how much camping gear you can stow in the Racer as well.


Cool waxed cotton saddlebag on royal enfield.

The Mini Patriot's size is perfect for a stock Royal Enfield 650 Twin. There is enough clearance from the exhaust and it looks tidy. You can choose either one or our 3 mounting systems for this particular saddlebag.

Interceptor 650 scrambler custom.

For a road trip, mount a set of two Mini Patriots + extenders if you feel the need to. Add a Traveler tail bag and your Royal Enfield will help you be autonomous on the road.


Waterproof waxed-cotton-pannier royal enfield 650.

The Super Patriot is our largest saddlebag. A serious asset for your road trips, however you might need to incline the claw at the back, and set it as high as possible, just like we explained for the Racer SK. If you want to have plenty of room for it, swap the stock exhausts for lower, or shorter ones. Obviously, a Scrambler conversion will do the trick as well. Please note that the Super Patriot SB version is left out of the options. Unlike the SK version, the SB alternative is entirely soft (the base is not rigid). Once full, it will extend a little downwards. Add to that the fact that you cannot incline the bag with this system, it leaves us with the Super Patriot SK as the obvious choice.

The Royal Enfield twins below are all customised and work perfectly with the Super Patriot SK.

Interceptor 650 best retro saddlebags.

To prepare your next expedition, you can count on a set of 2 Super Patriots SK + 1 Traveler tail bag. They are fairly weather resistant as they are, but you can double down on their waterproof capability by adding our waterproof liners to make it impossible for a single drop of rain to reach your gear.

To summarise, if you have shorter or lower exhausts on your Royal Enfield 650 or Continental GT, you can opt for the Super Patriot in either Saddleback, or Sidekick form and have the saddlebag straight.
With the stock exhausts, you must go for the Super Patriot SK, and set it as high as possible. You might also need to incline it to make sure the base stays away from the pipe.

Best interceptor 650 luggage.


If your Royal Enfield 650 has the stock exhausts, the Mini Patriot SK, SB or LX delivers the best compromise.

You can also opt for the Racer SK (Sidekick system) or the Super Patriot SK. Install the clamp high up at the back, and at a slight angle to get enough clearance from the pipes. Depending on your specific motorcycle, this might not be necessary, so be sure to double check.

We haven't tested it there, but the Scout LX will work with the Royal Enfield Twin as well.


If your Royal Enfield Twin has been modified (with lower or shorter exhausts), or is a Scrambler conversion, you can easily mount any Longride saddlebag.

Aside the Mini Patriot, Racer SK, Super Patriot SK or Scout LX, you can get the Super Patriot SB version, if your exhausts are low enough.

If you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us.

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