BMW R Nine T Saddlebag Hack: No Holder Needed!

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A Rider's Journey

Cool soft saddlebag for BMW R NINET.

One of our customers recently shared his experience with us, shedding light on the practicalities of mounting saddlebags on a BMW NineT without a saddlebag holder. Initially hesitant due to the lack of visual guidance on our site, he tried two sets of cheaper saddlebags from Amazon, only to be disappointed by their durability. Determined to find a better solution, he opted for a set of Mini Patriots SB saddlebags, despite concerns about fitment without a bag frame. To his surprise, the stock rear peg guard on the R NineT acted as a natural support frame. Using only the throw-over leather straps provided, he secured the saddlebags under the seat, which remained stable even at highway speeds. His positive experience emphasized that our throw-over setup seemed tailor-made for the R NineT!

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Luggage Options Insights

Our enthusiastic customer also explored another aspect of customizing his BMW NineT. He installed a Wunderlich rear top rack, only to discover that it uses the same bolts as a side bag frame. This means that owners must choose between a saddlebag support rack and a rear rack, as both cannot coexist.

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He needed a solution for transporting his work laptop and found our recommended waterproof liner bags ideal. While our standard liners were a tight fit for his 14-15 inch laptop, the XL liner bag provided the perfect solution. His advice to other BMW NineT owners was clear: opt for a set of Mini Patriot saddlebags to ensure perfect clearance from the exhaust while providing sufficient space for essentials.

Detailed Installation Guide

How to mount soft saddlebags on BMW Rnine9T.

The Saddleback system is designed to be autonomous, meaning the bags do not rely on a permanent support structure. However, depending on your motorcycle, additional frames such as spacer brackets or luggage holders might be necessary to prevent issues like saddlebags touching the rear wheel or leaning against the exhaust pipe. Fortunately, with the BMW R NineT, you can install our saddlebags immediately upon purchase, provided you order a set of two. Each saddlebag comes with a saddle belt. By connecting the two saddlebags using these belts, you can securely lock them under the seat. As highlighted by our customer, you can also use the rear peg guard to tie the bags off for added stability. This setup ensures that the saddlebags remain in place, even at high speeds, providing a reliable and holder-free solution for BMW R NineT riders. On the following blog post, you will find more details about how to setup a pair of saddlebags on your motorcycle with this system.

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Our customer's journey showcases the effectiveness and simplicity of our saddlebag solution for the BMW NineT. By utilizing the stock rear peg guard and the provided throw-over straps, riders can securely mount their saddlebags without needing a traditional holder. Whether for daily commutes or long highway rides, our saddlebags offer a practical and durable storage solution. Feel free to reach out with any questions or share your own experiences with mounting saddlebags on your BMW NineT!

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