Rebel's roar: Music for the miles.

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Tailor-made Luggage For your Rebel.

With a luggage system specifically designed for the Honda Rebel, you get a solution that is simultaneously secure, practical to use, and simply looks great. The Honda Rebel does not offer any storage compartment, making this customization particularly useful.
What we like about the Rebel are the multiple influences that shape its style. By choosing the appropriate luggage, you can emphasize its vintage bobber or custom cruiser form.

How to install saddlebags on your Honda Rebel?

The system includes 2 elements: Saddlebag holders (also called spacers) and the side bags. The spacers are easily installed on the motorcycle framework, located on the rear fender. There, you will find two bolts spaced 7.4 inches apart. These are the mounting points you will use to fix your saddlebag holders.

Your bags are delivered with a clip to install on the back of the saddlebags. Using this Sidekick claw, you will be able to fit your bag on its support in one swift movement, securing your bag with a key, and removing it from the motorcycle just as easily. It is the most secure and effortless baggage system to use. With the combined aesthetics and strength of Longride bags, you're guaranteed to enjoy a durable setup and to sport a great look for thousands of miles.

Below, the Mini Patriot SK in brown, mounted on the Honda Rebel.

Vintage style brown saddlebag for Honda Rebel moto.


Reliable luggage just like the Rebel CMX.

The mounting solution we offer for the Honda CMX Rebel is the Sidekick System, which combines custom aesthetics with a reliable modern use. This system is based on the use of tailor-made saddlebag spacers designed in our workshop for the Honda Rebel. They are easily installed and blend harmoniously with the design of the motorcycle. The clip (Sidekick claw) is to be installed on the back of the bag. Thanks to the design of the claw, the bag fits on its support expeditiously.
We have created a step-by-step video installation guide that can help you correctly affix the clip to the back of the bag. The installation process is rudimentary work, but for those who are allergic to DIY, an alternative mounting system is available and discussed towards the end of this article.


Honda Rebel saddlebag holders spacer.


We have designed several styles of saddlebags and hard panniers, all compatible with the Sidekick gripper system. Each bag has an invisible, rigid structure in the back and at the base. For the rest of the structure, the bag can either be flexible or be a hard shell. Feel free to visit the vintage saddlebags and hard shell panniers pages for reference.


Why choose Longride motorcycle bags?

At the heart of the Longride team, there are two visionary masters: Stefaan, the father, a meticulous leather craftsman, and Gillian, his gifted engineer son. Together, they imagine and design the most authentic motorcycle luggage with their own hands. Their mission is to breathe an artisanal dimension into the world of motorcycle luggage while elevating the timeless character of vintage, classic or custom motorcycles. Above all, this powerful duo aims to serve motorcyclists, both pros and amateurs alike, with reliable and quality luggage systems.

Motorcycle Bags Worthy Of The Rebel.

We took a Rebel for a ride to test some of our most iconic saddlebags. Let's start with comparative photos to assess the size of each bag on the bike. Click on each photo to go to the product page of that particular bag.


Honda Rebel brown retro saddlebag



Honda rebel black pannier


Mini Patriot: Vintage Bag For Small Outings.

The Mini Patriot is designed for business trips and short rides. With a pair of Mini Patriots you can pack your weekend essentials, especially when adding the Patriot extenders to further enhance the space in your saddlebag. Available in 3 colors. The Patriot is sure to accentuate the vintage bobber style of the Rebel.

Best quality saddlebag for Honda Rebel.

Super Patriot: Cut for Adventure.

The Super Patriot alone can accommodate a full face helmet and bulky items. A pair of Super Patriots form the basis for a week-long road trip or more. You can also use it deployed with Patriot extenders for maximum space. The Super Patriot is our most spacious vintage saddlebag. Available in khaki, brown or black waxed-cotton canvas.

Large quality motorcycle bag.

Racer: Retro-Style Semi Rigid Bag.

The Racer is a retro-style bag with a semi-rigid structure which allows it to keep its shape. Its suitcase design, with a convenient handle, allows it to integrate better into your workplace. Add a padlock on the flap D-ring to make sure your stuff is secure. Opt for a pair of Racer + Traveler tail bag if you want to go on a road trip. If your luggage is organized, you will be surprised at how much can fit into a single Racer.

Motorcycle black waterproof pannier for Honda Rebel.

Classics 35: Rigid Cruiser-Style Suitcases.

Opt for a pair of Classics 35 to bring out the Rebel's cruiser spirit. The full grain leather of these hard shell suitcases is authentic and prepared for the great outdoors. A good capacity for spontaneous last minute purchases or packing your daily essentials.

Black leather panniers for Honda Rebel.

Saddleback: Alternative Baggage System.

We've designed a universal system that works well on the Rebel, and doesn't require any form of tinkering other than installing the saddlebag brackets. With the Saddleback system, the saddlebags are not to be used with a clamp, they are fitted with an original shoulder strap arrangement designed by Longride. You need a suitable frame to support the saddlebags, which the Honda Rebel does not have by default. So it is highly recommended to install our spacers.

The best way to compare the two systems mentioned is to watch the video below. It presents our 3 motorcycle luggage systems. For the Honda Rebel, ignore the 1st system: LOXX. This is not the most practical for the Bobber format. Pay attention to the # 2 Saddleback and # 3 Sidekick system, and choose what works best for you.

Linked here are the vintage saddlebags available with the Saddleback system. All Saddleback saddlebags have the two letter code SB in their title.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.