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You can massively upgrade the cargo capacity of your Royal Enfield Meteor 350 with just a few updates. Here's how to add up to 2 saddlebags, 2 tail bags and still have room for a tank bag. 
If you only need 1 tail bag for short rides, you can mount a Meteor compatible rear rack for convenience and strap down a Traveler duffle bag on that rack.
But if you are considering long road trips, you will probably fancy as much luggage as possible.


First you will need to install our dedicated Meteor 350 saddlebag holders.
Beneath the back seat, you will find two bolts that are meant for adding accessories such as a back rest, a rear rack or saddlebag holders. You can actually cumulate all those accessories, providing your source bolts that are longer than the stock ones, to make up for the extra distance to cover.
Fortunately we have a beautiful installation video available below, courtesy of Ol' Man Ronin. In this video, Jeff goes over the installation of the brackets, on top of a GIVI rack. 
If you don't have a rear rack, you will be able to use the bolts provided. But if you do want a rear rack, Jeff figured that you will need to source a 120 mm long bolt for the front, and a 110 mm bolt for the rear.

Installing the saddlebag holders is straight-forward, so no reason to hold off on that easy upgrade. Check out the video below for a full overview, from the installation of the saddlebag holders to the fitting of the saddlebags themselves.

The video above showcases the Racer SK, but you can opt for the Mini Patriot SK, or Super Patriot SK instead. See below, in black the Mini Patriot, and in Khaki, the Super Patriot.

Best soft saddlebags for Meteor 350.

Let's talk mounting systems quickly. If you are not familiar with the Longride mounting systems yet, note that you can choose from 3 different methods to secure your saddlebags: SIDEKICK, which is the system used in the video, CUSTOM LOXX, and SADDLEBACK. All 3 systems will work once your saddlebag holders are installed. Compare the systems and see which works best for you.



If you're not going to wild camp, a set of 2 saddlebags will do the trick. But to go completely wild on your road trip, you'll need more storage.
The rear seat is the first obvious place to secure a duffle bag. With 2 saddlebags already flanked on your Meteor, you can easily anchor your duffle bag on your saddlebags. And if you want to add a tent, or a second duffle bag, a rear rack is a neat option that will make it easy to access your equipment at all times - rather than stacking bags on top of each other. That second tail bag will then be strapped down onto the rack.
More on securing tails bags onto your motorcycle here.


Best luggage for Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

Best tail bag for royal enfield meteor.

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