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When you own and maintain a true vintage bike, such as an old BMW, you don't want to drag its style down with cheap luggage.
Although these motorcycles are rarely used for very long road trips, you still want its accessories to reflect the level of quality that would have been a standard at the time your machine was manufactured. When goods were cut from authentic materials, and built to last.
That's why the Longride saddlebags complete, and elevate the look of classic motorcycles. 


Today I'd like to share with you what a customer has done to fit a Patriot saddlebag on his vintage R series BMW.
He chose the LOXX system so he could custom fit the leather support to the rear luggage rack.

We usually suggest to fit the leather support under the seat and to use the saddlebag as...well, a saddlebag! On the side of the motorcycle.
Read this article to learn about this type of installation.

In this case, the Patriot is used as a rear, supple luggage, easy to take off the bike.

Vintage BMW motorcycle with soft luggage on rear rack.

The motorcycle was already fitted with a luggage bracket at the back.
So it was easy to securely attach the leather support there. With 3 screws at the back, this support isn't going anywhere, and being beautiful leather, it looks the part even when the saddlebag is off the bike.
Note that these photos were taken right after installation, so the leather hasn't developed a patina yet.
One extra advantage with the loxx system: you can put a lock between the saddlebag and the leather support.

Saddlebag on vintage motorcycle. 

Once the top of the saddlebag is secured with the Loxx buttons, you have several options to secure the lower end of the bag.
You want to secure to lower part of the bag as well, otherwise it could fly upwards once you reach a certain speed.
At the back you will find a central harness to put around any frame, and leather loops in each corner of the bag. Simply slide a cord through these, and knot them to your frame. We do supply the cord, and our customer fitted a quick release system at the extremities.

quick release saddlebag for vintage motorcycle

In its Loxx version, the Patriot saddlebag is 100% supple, which means that it is actually pleasant to carry as a regular bag, off the bike.
So much that we designed a shoulder strap for it, so that you can carry your Patriot like a messenger bag.
To take it off the bike, simply pull on the 3 Loxx buttons.
Below you can see the inner side of the Loxx leather support, when the saddlebag is taken off.

Luggage support for vintage motorcycle bags.

This is just one example of what can be easily done with the Loxx system.
With a bit of work, it is virtually possible to adapt a saddlebag to any motorcycle. Sometimes, all it takes is to fit the leather support somewhere on the frame. Other times, you have to custom build a frame or modify your motorcycle, something that you can ask a custom shop to do if you're not comfortable with it.

So don't hesitate to look at your motorcycle from different angles, think outside of the box and you might find a practical solution like this vintage BMW's owner.