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Welcome to the Street Twin, and Speed Twin official gallery. Here you will find both raw snapshots, and elaborate photos from customers all over the world, celebrating their Triumph motorcycle and Longride luggage.

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Starting off with a 2020 Street Twin with a Mini Patriot SB mounted on our Triumph saddlebag holder.

Triumph Street Twin moto 2020 with saddlebag.Cool saddlebag for Street Twin 2020.

A limited edition Street Twin EC1 from 2022 with a Racer SB saddlebag - mounted on a Motone spacer.

Saddlebag for Street Twin EC1.

Beautiful 2024 Speed Twin 900 - Stealth Edition. Produced for a year only, those Triumph feature a dramatic and unique hand-crafted paint finish. Our Dutch customer went for the Triumph saddlebag holders, and a set Mini Patriot SK in black.

Saddlebag for Speed Twin 900.

Best saddlebag for 2024 speed twin 900.


The Mini Patriot SB (the 2 letters code refers to the mounting system, which in this case is the Saddleback mounting system, with universal leather straps) - on a 2020 Street Twin.

Cool saddlebag on a Triumph Street Twin 2020.

Below is the Super Patriot SB - one of our largest saddlebags - on a 2019 Street Twin. Note that if you are to use a Super Patriot to full capacity on a Street Twin with upswept exhausts, you should consider the SK (Sidekick) mounting system instead to make sure the saddlebag does not sag towards the exhaust.

2019 Street Twin with large saddlebag.

This customer went for a set of two Super Patriot SK mounted on Longride saddlebag holders - this Speed Twin is ready for long rides.

Large saddlebags Triumph Speed Twin.

Our next customers from France decided to skip the saddlebag holders and to mounts his black Mini Patriot SB directly on his Speed Twin's frame, with the leather straps secured on the seat's frame.

Speed Twin with saddlebag.

Meet Ananda, striking the official "Longride pose" on her custom Street Twin.
These are Mini Patriots SB mounted on our Triumph spacers.

best saddlebags for triumph street twin.

If you want to take photos of yourself doing the Longride Pose, you'll get special treatment for sure.

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