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Ever wondered if you could install large saddlebags on your Thruxton motorcycle to go on road trips? And even bring a passenger. How about your lover for a romantic getaway...

According to Filippo, a Longride customer from Italy, the answer is yes, you can, and you should.

How to ride with your girlfriend on a Thruxton with enough luggage?
Swap the exhausts for shorter ones, install a backseat and saddlebag holders. Mount the largest saddlebags available from Longride - the Super Patriot, and you're set for your first road trip.

Keep reading for more details. This is Filippo's interview, sharing with us a bit of "la dolce vita".

Passenger on Thruxton motorcycle.

Filippo tells us a bit about himself.

Hi I'm Filippo, an Italian guy born in 1993. I have been passionate about motorcycles since I was a child. I grew up watching the legendary Valentino Rossi winning Moto GP, so in 2012, I decided it was time to buy my first bike: a Yamaha MT-03.
I'm a geologist working in a marble quarry and I deal with the monitoring of the benches being processed, and workers safety. As soon as the work is over I get on my bike and go discover new roads.

About his motorcycle.

My first bike was the Yamaha MT-03. I sold it when I fell in love with the Triumph Thruxton, seen casually parked near the dental office where I was heading. It was love at first sight. As in best love stories I started courting the bike until I conquered it in 2016. I had become the owner of a Triumph Thruxton 900 of 2014. My vintage soul had found its love on two wheels.

Thruxton 900 on the road with large Saddlebags.

About the modifications made to the Thruxton.

It was not easy to know where to start with customisation, but slowly an image took shape in my mind.
First, I decided to design a new saddle and have it done by Alo's Cafè (Massa-Carrara).
The next steps were the fenders, the colour of the bike and the turning light system. I installed the bates rear light.
The bike had to retain a vintage soul, with a sportier and more aggressive look. So I also replaced the exhausts. Here we go! Amazing appearance, perfect exhausts sound (all approved CE according to the authority of the Italian Ministry of Transport).
Exhaust sounds like a helicopter, that's why my girlfriend and I call the bike: helicopter.

About the luggage.

When I began transforming the Thruxton, I knew I was going to add large saddlebags. So this helped choosing new exhausts as the stock ones were high and might have damaged the bags over time.

For daily use I use only one saddlebag. When travelling, I mount both saddlebags and use the leather saddle belts to attach them together. With two bags, my girlfriend and I can go on longer journeys.

These Super Patriot SB saddlebags were among the best purchases. My girlfriend and I manage to store everything we need and in case of a rainy day, everything stays dry.

Aesthetically they are what I was looking for, they exude that vintage soul I was striving for.

Below, the aftermarket saddlebag holders used to support the Super Patriot SB saddlebags. This is the motorcycle with the new paint, original exhausts and seat.

Thruxton moto with saddlebag holders.

Next photo shows how the saddlebags are connected with the saddle belts and supported by the brackets, onto which the central harness is also attached.

How to attach saddlebags on Thruxton moto.

About traveling.

I come from Versilia so the main destination is Tuscany.
There are a few unseen streets. I do both short day trips and long holiday road trips.
The best experiences were: Montepulciano, Florence, Theater of Silence, the white beaches of Rosignano Solvey and all the Garfagnana with its amazing lakes: Gramolazzo and Vagli (wonderful places). Even the Cinque Terre in Liguria, Corsica and the island of Elba have no more secrets for my Thruxton.

Right now I'm finishing writing this from a boat heading to North Sardinia. My girlfriend and I are embarking on another adventure with our Thruxton...

Travel on moto Thruxton.

Personal advice on traveling...

Traveling might be the best way to improve yourself, traveling on a motorcycle is even better. You become part of your surroundings and the experience will always be in your heart and become part of your motorcycle.
You should choose your bike based on your soul and heart. 
During your motorcycle trips, only bring what's necessary. For example: only bring one pair of shoes during the holiday.

I'll be waiting for you in Versilia, we can ride from my place to beautiful mountain roads full of curves and fairytale landscapes, or we'll travel along coastal roads up to Cinque Terre. Let's ride the helicopter together!

Road trip moto Thruxton moto.

Filippo uses two Super Patriot SB in brown. The Saddleback system allows him to mount his saddlebags on any saddlebag holders.
You can follow and interact with Filoppo on Instagram: @filippoce

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