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So you're the lucky owner of a vintage BMW R motorcycle?
Discover how our customers have rigged their own for travelling.
We will tell you which bags they're using and what the installation looks like.

BMW R75 with supple saddlebags.

Let's start off with this beautiful BMW R75 from 1973. A custom motorcycle that underwent a few modifications and custom paint.

The saddlebags are a set of Super Patriots SB. The owner can move quite a bit of cargo with that storage alone.

BMW R75 with saddlebags.

What enabled the installation of large saddlebags are the low profile exhausts on this particular bike. There is a healthy distance between them and the lower part of the bags, which means no risks of overheating and melting your things.

BMW R75 with a pair of large saddlebags.

These saddlebags are fitted with our autonomous system: Saddleback.
You could link them together with saddlebags belts, a solution which will be illustrated later, but here, each saddlebag is individually mounted on the motorcycle's frame.

The back straps are looped over the frame that goes around the seat, a bit like a grab rail. The saddlebags lean against the shocks, and their lower end are tied to the frame to make sure they can't move around.

Saddlebags for BMWR75.

Next we have a BMW R75 with higher exhausts.
The owner went for a set of Mini Patriots SB to maintain a good distance between them and the pipes. 

Saddlebags on BMW R75 motorcycle.

The saddlebags are linked with saddle belts, and they lean against the suspensions.

BWM R75 with supple saddlebags.

Let's continue with this adventure-ready R75.
Fully rigged with a set of two Super Patriots, and a large Traveler tail bag.
This BMW goes on long journeys.

Travelling with BMW R75.

Here we have large saddlebags perched above high exhausts.
A non-ideal combination, but to the owner, it's the cargo capacity that matters most.

However, he once lost an inflatable mattress over this. Buried at the bottom of his Longride saddlebag, it melt because of how close to the exhaust it was...!

The solution would be to ask a custom garage to build a frame to keep the saddlebags away from the exhausts. Or more radically, to change the exhausts.

Saddlebags installation on BMW R75.

The saddlebags are linked with the saddle belts. Here, the owner locks one under the seat and leave the other on top.

Vintage luggage for BMW R75.

Here's a 1971 BMW R60/5 from Florida.
A set of Mini Patriot SB in khaki connected with seat belts and locked under the seat. They are supported by the shocks directly, a common method on vintage motorcycles.

Vintage BMW R60 with saddlebags.

Rider with vintage BMW moto with bags.

Classic BMW R60 5 with saddlebags.

A white 1971 R75/5 BMW with a set of brown Mini Patriot saddlebags - SB (saddleback) system.

71 R75/5 moto vintage saddlebags.


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