Bonneville + Longride

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You love your Bonneville, and wish to extend its cargo capacity to go on real adventures? This gallery is dedicated to Bonneville's rigged with Longride luggage.

Mini Patriot saddlebag in brown, fitted on our spacer rails.

Green Bonneville with Saddlebag.

The Mini Patriot (on spacer rail), and the brown fork bag mounted to a T120 black.

Bonneville T120 fork bag.

The khaki Ammo Bag on a custom Bonneville. Mounted on spacer rail.

Small saddlebag on Bonneville.

Set of 2 Racer saddlebags on a red Bonneville.

Pannier for red Bonneville.

Brown Racer saddlebag mounted on the special edition Bonneville T120 ACE.
Based on the T120 black, Triumph made 1400 of these worldwide.

Brown saddlebag on Bonneville T120.

Same motorcycle - ACE limited edition - with the brown Mini Patriot.
This customer owns 2 different Longride saddlebags, Racer on one side, and Mini Patriot on the other. Both mounted on our saddlebag rails.

Brown soft pannier Bonneville T120.

Brown Racer bag fitted on a custom T120 with a brown seat from BAAK.

Bonneville with BAAK seat and large brown saddlebag.

The Super Patriot in brown, mounted on a home-made luggage rack.

Large soft saddlebag on Bonneville T120.

The large Super Patriot in black mounted on the T120 Diamond limited edition. Triumph only made 900 of these worldwide.

Large black soft saddlebag for Bonneville.

The khaki Racer on a customized T120. Mounted on our spacer rails.

Custom T120 with soft pannier.

The Mini Patriot mounted on spacer rails.

Military style saddlebag on Bonneville Triumph.

Racer saddlebag on customized T120, mounted on a spacer rail.

Pannier on T120.

Super Patriot set and a large Traveler tail bag in khaki, on a 2016 Bonneville SE.

Bonneville SE with luggage.

Bonneville SE 2016 with saddlebags and roller bag.

 2018 Triumph Bobber Black with full set of Super Patriot saddlebags and large Traveler tail bag in black with custom brass hardware.

Triumph Bobber black with saddlebags.


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