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Royal Enfield devotees, this page is for you.
Here you will find photos sent by Longride customers, showing off their setup.
We will also explain what the installation looks like.

If you own the Interceptor 650, or Continental GT, read how to install saddlebags easily on your Royal Enfield.
We also wrote an installation guide for the Royal Enfield 650 saddlebag holders.

Let's start with this blacked out Interceptor 650 with a TEC 2-1 exhaust system.
The motorcycle is equipped with our saddlebag holders on which are mounted a pair of Mini Patriot SK in black as well.

Cool black interceptor 650 custom exhaust and saddlebag.
Cool motorcycle saddlebag for Interceptor 650.

A Meteor 350 equipped with our saddlebag holders and a set of Racers SK. This particular bag fits the Meteor like a glove proportion wise. Learn everything about re-creating this setup here.

Meteor 350 moto with saddlebag on.

Royal Enfield Meteor with nice saddlebag.

Let's move up to the Super Meteor 650.
It's got our saddlebag holders fitted on and a set of Roadmaster hard panniers in black waxed-cotton and leather.

Best panniers for Super Meteor moto.

Best side bag super meteor moto.

Beautiful Interceptor 650 Custom with a brown Mini Patriot LX. Learn more about this quick-release system perfect for custom bikes. Here, the saddlebag is set against the suspension.

Custom Interceptor 650 with cool saddlebag on.

If you prefer hard-shelled leather panniers, the Classics 35 are a beautiful match for the Interceptor 650. Mounting is a breeze with the custom Interceptor mounts.

Royal Enfield Interceptor with black leather panniers.

Below is an older generation Classic 350.
The Scout Pannier is installed with the LOXX system. The leather flap support is secured under the seat, allowing a quick release of the bag. There is no saddlebag rack or bracket here, everything is mounted directly to the motorcycle frame.

Royal enfield 350 with saddlebag.

Beautiful royal enfield with saddlebag.

The following customer also relies on the LOXX mounting system.
He handcrafted a custom frame and cut the leather flap for a perfect fit.
This allows him to release his Mini Patriot saddlebags easily.

Royal Enfield custom luggage rack. 
Next, a straight-forward solution that involves no work.
This Royal Enfield is fitted with simple pannier rails onto which our customer mounts his set of Mini Patriots bags, with their autonomous Saddleback mounting system. Each saddlebag is mounted independently.

Royal Enfield with soft saddlebags.

If you own a set of two Longride saddlebags, you can set them as throw-overs with the Saddleback system.
You will receive saddle belts to attach them together. You can position them on the seat, or secure them below it.
This is the method used on the following Royal Enfield Classic 500.
You can find more details about this setup in this video.

This method works well with this bike as the exhausts are low and straight. They don't come up close and personal with the bottom of the bags. In other words, it's an interesting method for the Classic Royal Enfield, not so much for a 650 interceptor where you would need pannier rails.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 soft luggage.

Large tail bag and saddlebags for Royal Enfield.

Vintage bags for Royal Enfield.

The most Longride luggage we've seen on the Interceptor 650 so far comes from this French customer. He has a set of 2 Super Patriot SK mounted on our latest saddlebag holders, a tool bag and 2 Traveler tail bags - one large and one small installed on top of each other.

Soft luggage for Interceptor 650 moto.

Royal enfield interceptor with lots of luggage.

A set of Super Patriot SK again, this time in khaki colour, mounted on a Ventura Blue Interceptor 650 - a cool combination. The bags are fitted on the Longride saddlebag holders for the 650 twins Royal Enfield.
This customers installed the Sidekick claws at an angle - albeit very slightly - to enhance the gap between the saddlebags bottom and the stock exhausts of his Royal Enfield.

Ventura Blue Royal Enfield Interceptor with soft saddlebags.

Best saddlebags for Ventura Blue Royal Enfield Interceptor.

Large soft saddlebags for Interceptor twin.


This customers has a standard set composed of 2 brown Mini Patriot SB and a brown Traveler tail bag. The saddlebags are mounted independently on saddlebag holders.

Best saddlebag for interceptor 650.

A personal favourite: the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 in Sunset Strip - which looks even better and purposeful with the Scout saddlebag in black attached on.

Best saddlebag for Royal Enfield Sunset Strip


Let's end on a final alternative with a custom Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

These bikes are fitted with the "Adventure Kit" created by the French garage Atelier du Motographe.

Amongst the parts offered in the kit, you can opt for the luggage rack.
It was developed with the Longride Super Patriot in mind. If offers plenty enough support and works best with our Saddleback mounting system.

This kit was initially designed for Mono 500, a French based riding experience provider. They organise trips around the world, and need sturdy, adventure-ready bikes to run their business. Their Interceptors are all fitted with Longride luggage.

Check out our new Royal Enfield 650 saddlebag holders for a system that works will all our mounting systems.

Custom luggage rack for Royal Enfield interceptor 650.

Beautiful saddlebags for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

Royal Enfield 650 with beautiful soft saddlebag.

Saddlebags for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

Share your photos with us, we'd love to see your Royal Enfield setup:
We can then add your photos to this page with your permission.